Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beaten Like A Tired Mule

This is my blog, and I'll cry if I want to....

What a crappy weekend playing poker this has been. I'm down nearly $150, and it's almost all due to incredibly painful bad beats at the $25NL tables. COUNTLESS times I've had aces cracked, kings crushed, and AK smacked around by seriously inferior hands. I've had AQ lose to AJ. I've had flopped nut straights lose to rivered flushes, not once, not twice, but three times in the span of thirty minutes. I hit plenty of sets, but my opponents either have bigger set or hit some miracle runner-runner combo to kill my hand. My reads have been spot on and I've gotten my money in the with the best of it, over and over, but seemingly without fail nothing has held up. I'm writing this post immediately after the latest beat, where I got my money in with KK against a LAG who turned over 88. Of course he hit his set on the turn. Of Course! I knew it was coming and it did... just like it has all weekend long. Hell, just like it has for the past five or six days. Even when I do manage to hit a winning hand, the cards conspire to keep me from getting paid off. For instance, I had KdKh on the button today. It folds to me and I raise 3xBB. The big blind calls. We both hit our set on the flop, he checks, I bet, and he just calls. The board is two-tone with diamonds. Turn is another diamond, he checks, I bet, he calls after a long timeout. River of course is another friggin' diamond, he checks, I raise, and after using his entire time bank, he folds, writing that he folded a set. Arhghg. I make something like $5 when I should have taken his entire $25 stack.

This is one of the worst periods of running bad I have experienced in a long, long time. I was closing in on the magic $1K mark with my bankroll earlier this past week, but now I'm down around $850 and still am falling like a cannonball dropped in a vacuum.

Yes, I currently hate poker. And, yes, I'll be back at the tables tomorrow. Grrrrr.

All in (and cryin') for now...

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