Monday, December 14, 2009

Airship Specifications

Operation Hindenburg has formally lifted off the ground. Actually, it's been running for about a week now, I just didn't fully realize it. To follow on from my last post, the bankroll-building experiment on 'Stars taken flight, including some firming-up of the rules. Here's what I got so far:

  1. I need sufficient time to play at least 100 hands at a sitting. If I don't have enough time to play, I will skip playing on 'stars for that day, or until I find enough time. This is important, because I'm working on reads and exploiting tendencies more, which means I need time to develop said reads and exploit said tendencies.
  2. I have imposed an upper limit of 200 hands played at a single setting. I've discovered that beyond about 45 minutes of play, I start to lose focus and go back into auto-pilot mode. With four tables of poker going at once, 100-200 hands fits nicely into the allotted time. The goal is perfect poker 100% of the time I'm playing.
  3. I will allow myself to play more than one session a day. The 200 hand/session limit will still be abided by, but if I feel fresh again later in the day, I will/can/might play another 100-200 hand session.
  4. On 'Stars, I will not play any SnGs, HU games, limit hold'em, tournaments, stud, Omaha, etc. In other words, I will only play NL hold'em cash games. All other forms of poker will be carried out over on 'Tilt.
  5. I will play, at most, four games at once. I am currently focusing on 6max, but I will allow myself to dabble in full-ring if the mood strikes.
  6. There will be no playing outside of the bankroll limits. No moving up until 20x Buy-ins are achieved, and dropping down at 10-15x Buy-ins (approximately).
  7. I will keep the experiment going for at least six months. At an average of 200 hands per day, this will equate to 200 hands/day x 30 days/month x 6 months = 36K hands of poker, which should be enough to account for variance and see just how well I am playing. It should also (hopefully) result in a nice bankroll.

And here are the first week's results from the flight of the graf zeppelin:

I feel pretty good about these results, especially given that my luck-o-meter remains pegged at zero. The bottom line would have been at least $20 or more in the black had the following not happened:

  • AKs lost to K5o, when all the money went in on a flop that was K-x-x.
  • KK ran into AA; all the money went in preflop.
  • Got all the money in on third street with a flopped K-high straight and lost to runner-runner flush.
  • QQQ ran into KKK. (OUCH!)
Still, even with these results, eight poker tracker big bets per 100 ain't too shabby. Let's hope I can keep the airship headed more or less in this upward direction.

All-in for now...

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