Sunday, January 3, 2010

Forced Time-Out

Now that I'm a few days into Phase 2 of Hindenburg ($10NL), I realize that I haven't been playing my A-game. In fact, you might say I've been stinking it up at the tables. The only reason I've posted positive gains to the bankroll at all is a series of ugly suckouts and beats I've put on the opp over the past few days. I've been cold calling and chasing too much. Gambling has been an issue, too, especially when I've been out of position. Maybe it's success syndrome, maybe tilt, or maybe me just not mentally prepping prior to play. Dunno, but my stats shown I'm loosening up and being too passive at the same time. I've also set-mined a number of times without getting the right implied odds; i.e., I've been getting away from the math of poker, and instead I've been turning this game of skill into one of luck and chance instead.

Maybe it's time to take a day or two off and regroup. Watch a couple of poker videos and surf the 2+2 forums instead of playing. Read a chapter in a poker book. I.e., get my head screwed back on straight before I sit down again at the helm of the Hindenburg. The timing is good for a break, too, as I'm wrapping up a 3-week vacation from work and need to refocus on that aspect of my life during the next few days. In other words, it's time for a time out.

All-in for now...


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