Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knock on Wood-- A Profitable Day At the Tables

Had a good day playing poker today. Got in a few sessions of Rush $25PL Omaha, and made $75. The more I play Rush, the more I'm convinced it is tailor-made for Omaha. I'm not really a very good Omaha player by any stretch of the imagination (hell, I still have trouble just reading the board!), but with a few simple PF rules (think: Capelletti point system), and the basic philosophy of "if I don't have the nuts, a drawing hand to the nuts, and/or redraws or wraps to the nuts, I'm folding," the game is entirely beatable. The secret--and even more so than in other forms of poker--is PATIENCE. I had two tables of 9-handed Omaha open, and after 300 dealt hands I had played maybe 30-40 of them pre-flop, and only about a quarter of those beyond the flop.

I also played a quick 200 hands of Rush 6max $10NL Hold'em and had a nice triple-up hand early in the session. Ended up around $25 in the black for the 20 minutes of play.

Finally, I wrapped up the evening by playing an 1800-pt turbo SnG. Employed a super tight strategy at first, but once the blinds started rising I opened up my game just a little and was rewarded with a couple of big hands. Made the money without really trying to hard. I've now got three $26 tokens that are burning a hole in my pocket.

Nice to add some coin to the bankroll for a change...

All-in for now...

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