Sunday, April 18, 2010

Upping the Drip Rate

Just when you thought Rush poker couldn't get any more addicting.... along comes Rush Tournaments. Yes, the evil marketing geniuses at Full Tilt have upped the drip rate on my daily hold'em IV by introducing large-field Rush-style tournaments to their menu. I've played a couple so far, and they're insanely fun. Want to play a 135-person tournament, but only have an hour or so? Step right up and put your money down-- Rush tournaments are in town.

So far, I've sampled a pair of $4+.40 MTT SnGs. The cool thing for me is that you're able to play a big tournament, where patience is obviously key, but you are getting a new hand dealt every 10-15 seconds or so, so patience is (relatively) easy to manage. A lot of the opponents I faced seemed like they were caught up in the whole rush thing, too, playing very loose and aggressive. For me, waiting around for good opportunities and watching my M was vital. In the first game I played, we went from 135 to 6o players in about fifteen minutes. I busted out in 29th place and it took just 25 minutes in total. I had QQ and ran into KK on a KQ3 board, so what are you gonna do? The second game was a similar finish, both in ranking and cooler strength. Oh well.... and Oh, yeah! Give me more of that Rush, baby!

All-in for now...


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  3. I looked at the tournament rush sessions tonight and I see they are a DOUBLE RUSH. They are TURBO tournaments with 3 min blinds! I wonder if they'll have any with the more regular 6 in blinds?