Monday, July 5, 2010

Feels Like A Sunday Night

Well, it's Monday night, and I'm just wrapping up a nice 3-day weekend. Feels like a Sunday. A good Sunday, that is. The book is essentially finished (it's in the hands of my copy editor) and I was able to relax for the last few days, get some things done around the house.... and, oh yes, play more than my share of poker. A lot of poker, in fact. A little over 600 hands each on Saturday, Sunday, and then again today. The miracle (curse?) of Rush poker allowed me to get in that many hands with relatively little seat time. The results were pretty good, too.

Most of my play was at the $25NL 6max tables. I typically opened up either 1 or 2 tables, and just played a fairly straightforward ABC-style of poker. I let the opp make most of the mistakes, which turned out to be fairly profitable. More than once had the near nuts and let the opp think I was weak by checking the turn, and then CR'ing the river. In addition, I did a fair amount of bluff-catching on the river OOP by just checking into an aggressive player with my TPTK-type hands and letting then fire into me. I also stole, stole, stole from LP, with a Button VPIP of 31% and an ATS of 38%. I averaged a solid 13.8 PTBB/100, and made a cool $115 at the hold'em tables at the end of this long weekend....

....unfortunately, I gave about a third of that profit back during a couple hundred hands of Rush Omaha Hi $10PL. Sigh. Looking at my Omaha stats, I'm essentially a break-even player at the $10 tables, and a slight loser at the $25 tables. I'm getting better, but I obviously still have some leaks in my game that need plugging. It's fun, and I think it's improving my hold'em game overall, so I will continue the (expensive) diversion.

In other poker news, the Guru started day 1A of the $10,000 WSOP main event this afternoon in Vegas. I got a couple of updates from him during the course of the day, and it sounds like the competition is pretty solid. He said that the guy to his immediate right is a pro at some online poker tutoring site and routinely plays 50 (yes, 50) SnGs at a time on FullTilt. Another one of the players at his table is a "name" (though I don't recognize or remember it right now), and in one hand that the Guru played against this guy, the ESPN cameras came over and recorded the event. He said most of the rest of the table is equally good. The last I heard, the Guru was on a 90 minute dinner break with slightly more in his stack than he started with. The blinds were going up to 200/400+25 after the break, which equated to something like an M of 80 or so for the Guru. In other words, he was still pretty deep stacked, so patience was going to continue to be the strategy.

Not much else to report. I've got a tourney tomorrow night at a local eatery, and I'll certainly get in some more hands this coming week. Otherwise, things are settling down, and I'll be able to work on my game in a more serious manner. It's good to be back!

All-in for now....

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