Friday, June 3, 2011


The 2011 WSOP has begun in Vegas, but the buzz at the Rio is said to be on the 2012 WSOP next year. Why? Because the organizers have announced a one million dollar buy-in event for that series. Yes, if you want to play in the MTT scheduled for 1 July 2012, you will have to pony up a full mega buck for the honor. Ten percent of the entrance fee is slated for charity, while the rest will find its way into the prize pool. The tourney will be capped at 48 entrants, and first place will pay a cool $20M. They already have 15 people who have signed up, including Chan and Negreanu. Guess I better start saving, considering that my current bankroll is more like $2.0E+2. Okay, so I'm four orders of magnitude off. No biggie. I've got more than year to make up the difference, right? Right!?

All-in for now....

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