Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Black Friday Coming?

If you have any significant money on Merge (i.e., Carbon, Black Chip, Lock, Aced, Hero, et al), I would suggest thinking about withdrawing some or all of it. Rumor has it that the jackboots are reloading: DoJ In Action Again.

If true, this just proves the general theory of online poker entropy. Or as someone I know likes to say, "things in the poker world just get shittier and shittier." 

FWIW, I initially deposited $100 on Merge back in June, and have since withdrawn close to $1K in profits from a couple of different Merge accounts. I should be happy, right? A 10x increase in my 'roll in four months time should be cause for celebration....

...instead, I'm completely bummed out again. Once again, poker players will be driven even deeper underground doing something that is not illegal. 

Question: WTF is wrong with our government? 
Answer: Pretty much everything.

I'm going to retain about a hundred bucks spread between a couple of accounts, and just keep pulling cash out as I accumulate it. You might want to do the same...

All-in for now...

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