Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back In The Trenches

I've been stagnating a bit at the $25 and $50NL for the past few weeks. I add about $200 or so to the 'roll, and then dribble a bunch of it back. It's been frustrating, and I've started to let some doubts creep into my psyche, so this weekend I decided to give myself a break and step back down to $10NL 6 max and see if it was me or something else.

I decided to multi-table 6-8 tables at once, and play a fairly LAG style. My VPIP ended up at 25.5% and PFR at 20% for the weekend. It's all about reads for me at this level, with lots of c-betting based on board texture, tons of stealing, and giving up when REDi says runs for the hills....

....and boy has it been easy to crush these games playing this way. Maybe it's the whole mental thing of playing down at stakes that don't matter much to my 'roll. Or perhaps I've been running good (though I don't think so, as twice (yes, twice) I've run into quads against my own flopped nut flush and lost a bundle (see the middle part of the graph)). Or maybe its just that the players at $10NL really are just this bad. Sure, there are regs in these waters, but for the most part I'm tangling with nits and p-fish everywhere I look. Occasionally, I run into an agro-fish, but even these guys are pretty easy to tame.
In any case, I'm feeling pretty good again about my microstakes game, so I'm going to stick around down here in the $10NL trenches for a while and just grind up the roll for a bit and get my head screwed back on straight. I'll definitely go back up to the higher limits, but for now it's just too much fun to crush the opposition and make some steady bucks. BTW, I'm averaging 33 ptbb/100 (!), which is about $11/hour....

Have I ever mentioned that poker is fun. :-)

All-in for now...

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