Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tri Nguyen-- A Stand-Up Guy

It is rare in today's dog-eat-dog, buyer-beware world, but every now and then you run into a business owner who is actually a stand-up guy. Enter Tri "Slowhabit" Nyguyen, who is the owner of  DailyVariance.  I've purchased a few poker videos and books from Daily Variance in the past, and have been mostly very pleased with the service and the products. The prices are on the high side, but the quality is excellent.

Recently, however, I purchased a rather expensive video series from DV that, well, didn't live up to my expectations. The videos turned out to be geared strongly toward beginners, rather than intermediate/advanced players as I had expected. I had other quibbles and complaints about the videos (including length and quality), but this particular issue was the crux of the overall problem; the vids were simply too basic to really offer any help to me, a solid intermediate player. For the price I paid, I felt like I should have gotten more bang for the buck, especially given how I felt the videos had been advertised.

Now, Tri offers a full 90-day money-back guarantee, and I could certainly have asked for a refund, but I didn't. Instead I wrote the author of the video series with my criticisms. With the exception of this particular video purchase, I otherwise really like this particular author/coach, and have purchased other items produced by him. My purpose in writing him was the hope that my criticisms could help him improve future video series he undoubtedly will produce. I also copied Tri on the email so that he could be aware of the issues that I had. I stated in the email that I did not want a refund, but instead was just offering constructive criticism for future videos.

The author wrote back promptly, explaining why the videos were created the way they were. With the exception of telling me that the series was actually geared for beginners, he didn't really address any of my specific complaints. Okay, fine. I had said my piece and hopefully he took some of the criticism to heart. I still feel like the videos weren't worth that much money, but buyer beware, right? I had watched all the videos, gleaned whatever information I could from them, and then promptly forgot about the whole thing...

...ah, but then today I got an email from Tri himself. He apologized for taking longer than expected to get back to me. Here is an excerpt from his email:

"...I demand excellence from myself and from our authors and video producers. This is why I appreciate your email so much. Because I know you care about us and what we put out. We have a new video series coming out for advanced players. I'm positive it will help your game. I know you're [not requesting] a refund on the micro-stakes system so I would like for you to watch our new video series for free. It's my way of making up to you. And of course, please be brutally honest with me on its quality. I would love to hear from you..." - Tri Nguyen, 29 December 2011

I just downloaded this new advanced poker videos and watched the first one. I also skimmed through rougly half of the other 20 videos in the series. The series is titled "The 100K Fish Frying System" and it looks to be very good. The author of this new series is Mike Battle, and while his approach is a bit dry and videos are plain vanilla, the content appears to be excellent. I already picked up a few things from the first intro video, and I suspect I'll benefit from the others, too.

Anyway, I wanted to give a shout-out to Tri Nguyen and The poker materials on DV are generally very high quality and informative. The prices for many of these items are on the high side, but in general I've been very pleased with the content-- and believe that in general they are worth the money.  Thanks Tri. I really appreciate you making this situation right.

All-in for now...

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