Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Poker Bug Audience

I just checked this blog's site statistics. I haven't ever paid regular attention to site visits or who/how-many people were reading my random poker musings. I write about poker, well, because it's fun to write about poker, and I honestly believe it helps my game in the big picture sense. Writing about poker gets me thinking about poker, which in turn (I believe) improves my poker. The fact that anyone else actually reads my scibblings here is almost secondary.

Ah, but today I happened to look at the blog stats-- and was more than a little surprised. Yes, this is still a tiny little poker blog in the big scheme of things, but it turns out that there are more than a few actual poker enthusiasts around the globe who regularly check in on this bug's thoughts, exploits, and, yes, occasional whines.

The total number of unique visits to this blog over the past two years was more than twelve thousand (12,340 to be exact). Most first time visitors arrived via direct Google searches, and there is a large percentage of those people that become repeat visitors. Best news of all is that there has been a steady upward climb in the average daily number of people reading the blog; I currently am averaging over 1500 unique visits per month, or about 50 visits per day. (Two years ago when started gathering stats for this blog, there were only about three visits per day.)  Again, 50 per day isn't a huge number, but the steady upward growth is still pretty cool to see. It's also, frankly, flattering to think that more and more people every month are coming back to read what the heck I'm writing about on the subject of poker. Neat.

As far as who is watching from where, here's today's screenshot of the PokerBug audience by country:
I have to say this is all very cool to see. I am very thankful that you fellow poker enthusiasts seem to like reading what I write, and that you tend to come back for more. I'd also like to turn that around and say that I greatly enjoy writing on this blog, and I'm surprised (and happy) that there seems to be an actual audience for it. I'll keep writing here regardless-- but now I hope you continue reading.

Cheers to everyone!
All-in for now...

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