Monday, February 6, 2012

Rants, Safeties, and other Olio

  • Tell Us What You Really Think, Daniel. In case you missed it, here's a snippet from Daniel Negreanu's blog on the subject of Full Tilt and the three, ahem, gentlemen at the top of that stinking pile of monkey dung:
    • "[Poker Player Magazine] edited down my comments about Ray Bitar, Howard Lederer, and Chris Ferguson, but they definitely got the gist of my vitriol towards them. I'm disgusted by them and what they've done to smear the game with putrid decision making. Ray is a buffoon, Howard is arrogant, condescending, and incompetent, and Chris is a liar and has the warmth of a snow pea. These were never my friends, I never cared for any of them. I never trusted them for a second, and my "read" was always that these were not my kind of people. Why are they different from the rest of the group? These three were on the board, admittedly making all the decisions, and jeopardizing millions of dollars worth of players money that still hasn't surfaced. You guys suck. I hope to never see any of your faces at the WSOP anymore, and I hope you live with the shame you deserve for the rest of your lives. Your own personal, private hell. You deserve all the wrath you've received from the poker world, and much more. You are scum and each of you absolutely deserves a few swift baseball bat swings to the groin area, old school Vegas style."
  • Subject Poker. Bummer. is shutting down. This sucks. SP has been right in the middle of the poker world for some hard-hitting poker investigations, and were instrumental in breaking a number of previously unknown facts and subplots to the whole Black Friday fiasco. They will be missed by many, including this Bug, who made it a point to stop by their website 1-2x per week for news.
  • Super Bowl. And what about the Super Bowl? My money (a whopping $10) was on the Patriots, but I secretly rooted for the Giants. I can't stand Belicheat, and Brady's life is too perfect already to wish him yet another blessing. Anyway, what a wild, fun game to watch. Loved the bizarre safety on the Patriots very first possession, and the ending was pretty dramatic, too:  I've never seen a team try not to score a touchdown in the final minutes of a game-- and then fail! Crazy. 
  • Super Bowl, II. And what about those pathetic commercials? All the adverts pretty much sucked. I think I chuckled twice, snorted once, and mostly just sat there amazed at the base level we've sunk to as a nation. This is humor? Hell, even the few ads I found mildly amusing left me wondering afterward what they were trying to actually sell me. One ad had a kid running around his house, trying to find a bathroom to urinate in, but he eventually jumps into his pool and relieves himself. Besides being kinda, well, gross, I have no idea what that ad was trying to sell me. Can you say, "fail"?
  • And back to Poker. I played about 100 hands of $100NL yesterday... and was lucky to survive with my bankroll intact. Made some incredibly stupid calls. My "favorite" was when I got it all in with 99 on a 4-2-7 rainbow flop against a 9/5 nit. What the hell was I thinking? Fortunately, I sucked out enough times on other hands to almost make up for the horrendous poker I was playing. Only ended down $20 for the sick session before I realized I had no idea what I was doing and needed to quit...
  • And back to Poker, II. ...But then my son came over to the house for a while, and we decided to play a 10-handed $2 knockout SnG. The stated purpose was to let him drive the mouse, with me looking on and offering some advice to try to fix some of the blatant beginner's errors he made last month in the live tournament he played in. He may show up this week for Round 2 of Dad's monthly life tourney, so he wanted a course correction ahead of time. The bad news is he/we took a few beats during the forty-minute game. The good news is that he/we played an otherwise perfect game... and won the damn thing, including two knockout bounties. We basically played with a blank starting hand chart open on the screen, and talked about ICM, relative strength of hands, bet sizing, board texture, stack size considerations, blind levels, and about a dozen other things. If the kid remembers even 10% of the lesson, he's doing pretty well...

All-in for now..

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