Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Home Games via the Internet - For Free

Mr. Multi showed me a free poker program yesterday that allows you and your friends to play home games together online. Back in the day, Full Tilt had a "home game" feature that allowed you to set up and play private tournaments with your friends. Well, this program takes the place of all that.*

The software itself is called DDPoker, and you can download a copy by clicking on the image above, or by going to www.ddpoker.com. You can play against other people you invite to a game and/or computer 'bot opponents, or a combination of the two. In other words, you can use it as a platform for playing a poker tournament with all your home game friends who are too lazy to travel and meet somewhere on a regular basis. If someone bows out, you simply replace him or her with a bot. You can also use it in solo mode, where it's just you against a field of bots.

MM and I tried playing a couple of simple tournaments yesterday during lunchtime, with him in his office and me in mine on the other side of our building. First, we played a full-ring SnG-type game, where there were two live players (me and MM) while the rest of the table was populated with bots. MM "hosted" the game on his computer and I simply entered an address that he provided, and we were off and running. The second game we played was a heads-up match between the two of us.

I could nit-pick some of DDPoker's user interface stuff here, but it's minor stuff. The bottom line is that the software works, and it works pretty damn well. More to the point, it's free to use, so I find it hard to muster up any real complaint worth posting.

If you've got five minutes, try it. It's quick to download and install. You've really got nothing to lose.

All-in for now...
*Minus the electronic exchange of any money; that would have to take place the old fashioned way: coercing and strong-arming your friends to pay up after you win.

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