Sunday, April 1, 2012

Amazing Full Tilt News

Two weeks from today, an entire year will have passed without resolution of the Full Tilt Poker (FTP) debacle. There have been numerous rumors swirling on the web about various so-called "angel" benefactors swooping in to pay off player debts and resurrect the site. There have also been a steady stream of prospective buyers that have come and gone. Group Bernard Tapie has been one of the most talked about buyers in recent months, but so far nothing has materialized. This past week I even read an article on a legitimate news blog that said Facebook and/or Zynga was considering stepping in to purchase the software, payback the users, and reinstate FTP as a powerhouse in the online poker world....

...but alas, nothing has yet materialized. All talk, as they say, and no action.

Well I for one am sick of waiting.

Yesterday, I finally got around to doing my federal and state taxes, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I'm actually getting a modest refund back. This is essentially found money in the Bug's budget, so I was trying to decide what to do with the big Treasury check that Uncle Sam is going to send me in a few weeks. Save it in my piggy bank? Perform some needed repair work on the house? Fill up both of my car's gas tanks? Splurge it on some kind of wild extravagance, like an extra-large popcorn the next time I go to the movies?

Ah, but then it hit me! I figured out the perfect use for all that money coming in: I'm going play the part of angel benefactor. I'm going to buy Full Tilt Poker!

Stay tuned for details...

All-in for now...

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