Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Big Five-Oh-Oh

The big number of the day on this blog is 500.

Yes, that's right: this is my five hundredth posting on the pokerbug blog. Seriously. Five hundred posts, and I'm still yapping away. Pretty damn amazing, if you ask me.

For fun, I opened up the site statistics meter to see how many people are now visiting the site. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I'm now averaging over 4500 hits per month. I'm also thrilled to see that I have loyal readers who drop in on a regular basis from six of the seven continents (alas, I'm still searching for that elusive poker playing penguin researcher in Antarctica to log in). The biggest group of readers still hail from the USofA and Canada, but a surprisingly large fraction of my readership comes from Europe and Asia. Down Under is also fairly well represented, and some readers in South America have recently discovered the blog. Plus there's a handful of die hard poker nuts dialing in from Africa on a weekly basis. Very, very cool.

Thanks to everyone for the interest you've shown in what I write. Thanks, too, for all the emails, questions, likes, and, yes, even the dislikes that you send me. Keep the comments and suggestions coming... I really appreciate the feedback. And here's to the next five hundred posts!
The other big number is 3, which is the number of sessions I've played this weekend. Here's the chart for a tad over four total hours of play:

This nice looking chart might be the result of me recognizing the "humbleness" issue I mentioned the other day, which really forced to me to take a hard look at my numbers and how I was playing. Because of this, I've stepped down to $10NL 6max. I've also ramped up my aggression, tightened up my VPIP, and tried hard not to chase. I'm definitely playing better as a result.... oh, plus I am suddenly running pretty good. For instance, I had two straight flushes dealt to me in the span of twenty minutes today. Even better, I got paid off with both of them.

Now if I can just keep this humble momentum going...

All-in for now...

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