Thursday, May 3, 2012

Casting About For Poker Info

Most work days I listen to a poker podcast during a regular walk I take at lunch. I download these to my smartphone and then just plug in my headphones to get lost in the world of poker for 30 minutes or so. There are two good ones worth mentioning here.

The first one is Bart Hanson's weekly 1-hour podcast on live no-limit strategy. There are over one hundred of his older ones available free for download here. I've been through all of those, and I now pay $9 per month for the so-called "premium" subscription 'casts (here). What I like about Hanson's podcasts is that he's very technical and analytic in his analysis of poker hands. He's not afraid to take fifteen minutes to discuss a difficult hand in gory detail, going through his reads, the math, and various permutations and what-ifs. He's also very pragmatic and offers a lot of good rules of thumb and things to keep in mind during play. His focus is on live cash games, but I've found that a lot of what he talks about can be used in online play, too.

The second one I listen to is the weekly twoplustwo 2-3 hour long podcast that is co-sponsored by the 2+2 forum and Pokerstars. This podcast is for free, and you can find via iTunes. The podcast itself has very little technical content. Instead, the two hosts spend their time talking over all of the previous week's poker news, gossip, and interesting goings-on in the world of gambling and poker. They also bring a guest or two for interviews. Everyone from Sklansky to Malmuth to Mercier to Negreanu are featured, but they also bring on less well-known people in the industry, including online players, poker news reporters, recent big tournament winners, casino insiders, etc. It's really informative stuff, and very fun to listen to.

I highly recommend podcasts as a supplement to your other poker training. I also still do the occasional training video, but what I like about podcasts is the ability to not have to sit in front of a computer to do the "studying." Taking a half hour walk on campus, with hand analysis going into the ears, seems to work very well for me.

All-in for now...

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