Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do Not Call, Do Not Call, Do Not...

Played a little last night in the hotel room in Limburg. We were still battling travel fatigue, so we retired to the room early in the evening. While the wife watched German TV, I logged onto Carbon and got in about a hundred hands of $25NL and $100NL. Within thirty minutes, I was up $50, but then my jet-lag started kicking in, and I made a couple really bad, basic mistakes. When I finally realized I wasn’t playing winning poker anymore, I was down about $20 for the session. Not bad considering... but the losses never should have happened.

So what did I do wrong? Answer: call down when I shouldn’t. This is Poker Leaks 101, folks. Don’t call if you can raise. If you can’t raise, then fold. It’s that simple. Do not chase draws in NL cash. Unlike limit hold’em, where drawing to straights and flushes is almost always correct, in NL, it’s rarely the right play....

...ah, but there I was, chasing flushes (and not even nut flushes!) and straights (including idiot-end runs!) like some kind of newbie to the game. The next morning I looked back over my hands and actually chuckled at my idiocy. Fatigue is a killer, people. Do not play when you’re not mentally sharp—it will cost you.

So with that in mind, it’s back to bed for me.

All-in for now…

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