Saturday, July 14, 2012

WSOP, WSOP, Where Art Thou, WSOP?

I'm having an absolute blast on vacation here on this side of the pond, but the one thing that's been disappointing is the dearth of WSOP main event updates. I usually tape (boy, there's an old school term... I should say "DVR") the main event, but this year I'm not able to do so. Fine, I'll just check the web... ah, but the web coverage has been surprisingly sparse (or at least I'm evidently looking at the wrong URL sites) and forget about TV coverage. No ESPN or other sports channels anywhere here in Germany or The Netherlands have carried even a hint of the Main Event. I wouldn't normally be surprised, but given that Pius H. of Deutschland won it last year, you might think there'd be at least some coverage. Aber nein, noch nichts.

All-In jetzt...

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