Friday, September 21, 2012

MTT Jacks On Bubble Against Uber-Nit

From today's Quiz of the Day:

My response was:

Read: The way the problem is stated, with the UTG+1 villain described as “VERY” and “uber” tight, we should put him on QQ+ and AKo+. Maybe sneak AQs in there, too.

Estimate: Against this range, our JJ are at least a 40:60 dog. Calling to set mine means we have to risk approximately 10% of our stack. There are five players yet to act, including a relatively short stack BB. The villain has committed 10% of his own stack. We’re close to the money bubble.

Decide: Our hand and situation aren’t giving us the right odds to draw. We have little if any fold equity. We’re not pot committed. This is a Fold line.

Implement: Sigh and fold.

All-in for now...

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