Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bug's Poker Tip #15

Don't Tap the Glass.

Don't teach, berate, lecture, or insult your opponents at the table, especially the ones who put bad beats on you. Don't tap the aquarium glass, or the fish will scurry away and hide. It's fine to discuss strategy and teach away from the tables, but doing it during play only serves to take away your edge (by fixing a leak in your opponent's game) and/or driving them and their money away. An old boss of mine once chided a coworker after a particularly stupid, antagonistic thing this person said at a meeting. My boss turned to the coworker and asked simply, "What exactly were you trying to achieve by saying what you did? Because here's what happened instead..."  Ask yourself what are you trying to achieve by telling a player who just bad beat you that they made a big mistake playing the hand the way they did? Help them not make this same mistake again? Shame the fish into leaving? Show the rest of the table that you're pissed and tilty? Remember that taking a bad beat should be a badge of honor you wear; it means you played the hand correctly and made the right decisions, getting your money in good. Your opponent didn't. So why try to correct that mistake in their play? Tapping on the glass usually means that you're the real fish at the table.

All-in for now...

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