Saturday, October 6, 2012

Small Spew x Volume = Big Losses

I recently exchanged some email with another poker blogger I follow (SuperNova125). Roshan has been on a bit of a downswing lately, and in an email to me on the subject he wrote something that struck a cord:

"...There are a few guys I know that simply just don't spew, EVER and they always win month on month. I need to get back there..."

Imagine that we play nearly 100% perfect poker. Sounds good, right? Well, almost. Let's imagine that we're so good, that in a single 100 or 200 hand session we only make one bad play. It's a small leak, so let's further assume that that one bad play costs us only 10 big blinds per session. At a $25NL table, that's only two and a half bucks lost, right?

Yes, but imagine that you play a similar session every day for a year, and you make this same mistake every session you play. Fast forward a full year. You've thrown away more than $900 per year in losses. Now imagine that  you play bigger stakes. At $100 or $200NL, you could be losing more than $7K per year on just one minor leak like this.

Playing "nearly" 100% perfect poker isn't good enough. You have to have the discipline to play at your best, every single time you sit down, every single hand dealt to you. Little leaks may not sound like much when examined in isolation, but over the context of your lifetime poker session, even the smallest of leaks can sink the biggest ship.

All-in for now...

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