Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WSOP Main Event Update [Spoiler Alert]

Watched most of Day 1 of the WSOP Main Event Final Table last night. Three of the four guys I called out as my favorites (in this post here) are heading to Day 2. Very cool.

Of the three, my money is on Greg Merson, arguably the best/most-talented player of the starting nine, but I'm actually rooting for the shortstacked kid Balsiger, who would be the youngest ever winner of the ME if he pulls it off.  Go kid go!

All-in for now...
PS. I really like the format of these WSOP final tables, where they don't show the cards until the hand is over. I find myself working hard to put the players on hand ranges and staying really engaged and focused. On the other hand, however, I think this format would probably bore the average casual fan who just wants to see the cards, equity percentages, and watch for suck-outs. It's kind of like NASCAR, where 90% of the fans just want to see really fast cars go by and wait for high-speed crashes; they could care less about the technical strategies and tactics of the race itself. Unfortunately, it's the casual fan that the advertisers and producers are both going after. Us hardcore fans are going to watch no matter what, so the producers cater to the teeming hordes, as ratings are evidently everything in the world of TV sports/games broadcasting.


  1. If I had 40 million in chips, raised and got re-raised and moved all in with K-Q off-suit, please call me a donkey.

    I thought calling an all with A-9 was also lame. I'm wondering if mental fatigue is part of it.

  2. After that many hours of play, I'm surprised we didn't see more boneheaded plays like the KQo hand. Sylvia's final call with QJs seems to also qualify in this category.