Monday, December 10, 2012

Bug's Poker Tip #22

Don't Try to Bluff the Idiots

You can't bluff bad players. The average fish at your table isn't putting you, or anyone else, on a range. They're simply playing their own two cards on a level-1 basis. So, you trying to represent a flush or straight on a scary board will fall on deaf ears. (Or is that blind eyes?) The fish at your table are oblivious. They're going to call down with hands as weak as bottom pair on a K-J-T-8-7 two suited board. They're incapable of folding their hands if they hit any piece of it. They're going to river show downs with cheese that you find hard to believe. But believe it anyway. Don't throw your arms in the air and exclaim, "Are you serious?!" when they do call down. Instead, simply congratulate them when they win. Give them your most heartfelt smile and "nice hand" comment. Then wait for TPTK or better, and value bet the life out of them. If you don't want bad players and calling stations at your table, then just who the heck do you want?

All-in for now...

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