Friday, December 28, 2012

Good News/Bad News

  • Good News: I had a few hours yesterday to play a moderately sized MTT. It was a $22 buy-in, 80-man MTT, with a guaranteed prize pool (I think $500, if memory serves) and had nice long 15-minute blind levels, which made the adjusted patience factor around 9. I.e., this was actually a "skill" tourney and not a luckfest.
  • Bad News: Took a beat on the very first lap that cut my stack in half. AA against T9s. Argh.
  • Worse News: It became apparent early on that the competition was pretty damn tough. Essentially everyone's numbers at my tables were rock solid. Saw lots of good laydowns and solid post-flop play. 
  • Good News: Battled back from my beat and played a very patient game, chipping up and really focusing on the "desperation" levels of my opponents.
  • Great News: Took control of my table(s) and worked my way into the top three chip stack for the majority of the tournament. Ended up as chip leader going into final table.
  • Awesome News: Whittled down the final table, and got heads up with a T80K to T60K chip lead against an opponent I was reading really well.
  • Bad News: Got coolered right off the bat when my set of Jacks on flop went down in flames to his set of Queens. I was left with T20K and pretty big blinds.
  • Worse News: Very next hand I got it in with ATs against villain's A9o.... and of course he went runner-runner with X-X-X-9-9.
  • Good News: Felt I played some really good poker. 
  • Bad News: The second-to-last-hand cooler life tilted me a bit. I woke up this morning still unable to fully shake the feeling of being unlucky and missing out on first place money. Grrr.
  • Good News: Second place paid $240. Woo hoo.
  • Bad News: First place woulda paid $380. Boo hoo.

All-in for now...

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  1. Well, mostly good news, especially after the bad start.