Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wam, bam, thank you, ma'am...

Played in my monthly local tourney tonight... and lasted all of eight hands before busting. Holy crap, that was brutal.

Lost a few chips on the first couple of hands the normal way. Things like over-limping JTo in MP only to face a button raise (from Mr. Multi, of all people) and then had to fold pre. No biggie. A few chips here, a few chips there...

Then I lost about half my stack against a young kid when when I flopped a straight draw, bet it, turned the straight but the board three flushed. Bet it and got called. He either had it or not, so I check-called the river, hoping he'd bluff. Of course he bet, I called, and he turned over the nuts. Grrr.

One stinkin' hand later I busted with a steal attempt gone bad. Open raised the button with A2o, but got slightly more than min-reraised by the SB. I stupidly made the call, knowing damn well he had a pair of some kind or maybe a big ace. Turn was Q-high rainbow rags, which is basically what I was looking for if I missed. So I shoved, trying to move him off the underpair. Guess I gave something off, because he tanked for a bit, but then made the call... and turned over jacks. Board was no help, and I was the first one out the door this evening.

Not great poker. Not a good night. Brutal.

All-in (grumble grumble) for now...

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