Sunday, September 8, 2013

One hundred grand... Wow.

At some point, just after midnight last night, Mountain Standard Time, I had my 100,000th visitor to this humble little blog.

Yes, one hundred thousand people have stopped by for a read. Actually, part of that count includes search 'bot stopovers by the likes of Google and Yahoo, but the vast majority are real people, with unique IP addresses, apparently searching for real poker information.

Even better, many of the hundred grand are repeat visitors, coming back week after week for the ramblings I post herein. To these of you I say an honest and hearty Thank You. Your repeat callings mean something significant to me. Yes, I continue to pen the blog primarily to make myself better at poker (and yes, sometimes just to rant, vent, and spew), but knowing that many of you come back on a regular basis apparently because the topics upon which I write resonates with you... well, like I said, this is very meaningful to me. It's both invigorating and inspiring to know that I have an audience, and this makes me want to do even better at what I've been doing.

Moving forward from here, life and this blog will mostly continue mostly as before, sporadic and focused and sometimes random, too. And always onward and upward, including the creation of a set of poker lessons for newbies to the game. The fact that 100K people have stopped by won't materially change my writing topics or style. Said simply: I'm going to keep on keepin' on as before.

The bottom line of this post is I want to say many, many thanks to all you long time readers for reading, and occasionally holding my feet the to the fire and questioning my words. You keep me honest. Please don't hesitate to continue dropping me a line (email: when something strikes you, positive or negative. And as always, I welcome all manner of feedback, criticism, commentary, disagreement, and/or advice.

Here's to the next 100K!

All-in for now...