Friday, November 29, 2013

Bug's Poker Tip #34

When in doubt, treat a min-bet on later streets just like a check.

Nine times out of ten, when an ABC player bets small into you on the river, they have a weak hand. Treat that bet like a check. Here's a simple example:

Hero's preflop raise isolates the limper. Hero checks behind on flop because wet board smacks villains range (medium pairs and flushy- straighty-type cards); i.e., c-betting as a bluff is probably going to fail. Villain's weird min bet on Q-high doesn't make sense, so hero calls, planning to reevaluate on river. Villain min bets again on river Ace. Again, weird. Bug's Tip says to treat min bets on river like weak hands; i.e., pretend bet is actually a check. Villain would be checking here with a single pair type hand and busted draws, and will probably fold to a larger bet. Hero therefore believes he has best hand, bets slightly under half size pot for value. (But will fold to check-raise.) Villain tanks, then calls, turning over a weak ace and busted straight draw.

All-in for now...

Hand Information for java-script challenged browsers:
Blind: $0.25/ $0.50
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Table Information
Seat1:   seat 1   ($50)Small Blind
Seat3:   seat 3   ($50)Big Blind
Seat5:   seat 5   ($50)
Seat6:   villain   ($50)
Seat8:   seat 8   ($50)
Seat10:   hero   ($50)Dealer
Dealt to hero

Preflop (Pot:0.75)
seat 5   FOLD    
villain   CALL    
seat 8   FOLD    
hero   RAISE    $2.50
seat 1   FOLD    
seat 3   FOLD    
villain   CALL    

Flop   (Pot: $6.25)

villain   CHECK    
hero   CHECK    

Turn   (Pot: $6.25)

villain   BET    $0.50
hero   CALL    

River   (Pot: $7.25)

villain   BET    $0.50
hero   RAISE    $3.50
villain   CALL    


villain  SHOWS

hero  SHOWS

winning hand
hero  wins the pot: $14.75

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