Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Some random final table thoughts...

Some random ramblings and rantings....
  • Ryan Riess and Jay Farber?? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?!?!
  • Has there ever been a more unlikable guy at a final table than Ryan Riess? His pre-game proclamation that he was better than everyone else at the table and was going to win instantly had me rooting against this young gun. Antonio E. had it right when he said, "Uh, I'm going to have to bite my tongue now..."
  • Is there anyone more fun to watch at a final table than Jay Farber? His rail alone is worth watching. Gotta love it when an amateur makes it to head-up play.
  • Man, I feel bad for JC Tran. What a tough night. He hung on at his starting chip level seemingly for ever, but just couldn't get any traction. Busting in fifth has to be demoralizing after coming in such a strong favorite and with the chip lead.
  • What a night of coolers and beats. Brutal, brutal evening.
  • JC impressed me with his in-position HU laydown of K7s after 3betting McLaughlin and getting 4bet. The French Canadian had the rockets; nice job sniffing that out JC.
  • I like how Sylvain Loosli snuck into fourth place, almost unnoticed by the other players. Not a way to win a tourney, sure, but definitely the strategy for moving up such a steep pay ladder.
  • Aces, Kings, and Queens all within the first twenty hands? Wow again.
  • A lot of physical tells that even guys like me could see. E.g., Riess likes to stare at his opp when he's weak, and seems to look away when he's strong. Anyone who's read Caro would have a huge advantage playing against this new gen poker brat. Brummelhuis's body language also seemed particularly easy to read. Only JC seemed to be unreadable to this bug.
  • Is there anyone more annoying on TV than Norman Chad? (Wait, don't I write this every year?)
  • It's fascinating to a) not see the cards until after the hand is dealt; and b) listen to The Magician hand read. I really enjoyed Antonio's commentary and getting inside his head. A few of his reads were off, but for the most part he was right on the money. I'd love to get him and Negreanu in the booth together on one of these cards-down telecasts and just let them think out loud for the listening audience.
  • Kara Scott is a pro.
  • We need a shot clock in poker. Yes, every decision is for BIG bucks, but they could have cut this whole thing in half with a timer and shorter breaks.
  • Rooting hard for the chip leader going into tonight. Go Farber!
All-in for now...

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