Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Omaha & Jet Lag

Here in Spain for a full week of factory testing-- which means mostly standing around for hours, waiting for technicians to complete setting up a test, then witnessing said test for about five minutes, recording the results, and then back to waiting. Hours of boredom, punctuated by minutes of, well, something only slightly better than boredom.

Jet lag is, as usual, rearing it's ugly head, often at ~2am for an hour or so. To fill the void, I've been reading (re-reading Guterson's Snow Falling on Cedars, plus slogging through Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) and  of course playing some poker. My game of choice this week is $.10/$.25 Pot Limit Omaha on Bovada. The games are pretty soft, and I've found that playing a 95% Value + 5% Bluff approach, sprinkled with a liberal dose of Patience and Position, has netted me a fair bit of green.

PLO is not my area of expertise by any stretch of the imagination, but a significant fraction of the other players are bad enough that it doesn't really matter. I'm basically playing a Level-1.5 approach to the game: What are my cards? How scary is the board? Am I getting heat from another player? And so on... I.e., no need to get tricky when the other players are willing to stack off with bottom two pair and weaker. PLO is by nature a high variance game, but if you're willing to be super patient (read: fold a lot when in doubt) you can minimize the swings. Three nights in a row now I've cleared a couple hundred bucks by just playing my own cards in a me-scared fashion. Dunno if I should be proud or ashamed...

My wallet is happy tho...

All-in for now...

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