Friday, January 24, 2014

Yes, I'm still alive... tired, but alive.

To those of you that have emailed, asking if I'm still alive... the answer is yes. Busy, that is, but alive.

Since the first of the year, I've been on two 1-week long business trips, spent this week in a series of off-campus meetings with our entire project team, and then I'm leaving this Sunday for another week-long trip to Europe. Ergo, very little time to do anything but eat, work, and sleep. Not a fun existence.

Okay, that said, I have managed to play a little late night poker now and then to unwind and/or counter jet lag. Specifically, I've done pretty well in a gaggle of single table SnGs (ITM>75%), I managed to play one moderately sized MTT (which I took down here), and goofed around in some low stakes ($25NL) hold'em just to build the 'roll. Also, I've been slowly teaching myself to get better at Pot Limit Omaha, which as many of you know, is a high-variance game that is definitely not for the squeamish. I've made a few bucks at the PLO tables, but the swings have been, uh, impressive.

I'll hopefully be able to find some time to write this next week in Germany; I'll be stuck in long, endless meetings in Germany, where, frankly, my sole reason for being there is "represent management" of my company at what will otherwise be a highly technical-oriented meeting in which I'm not really qualified to say anything. Sounds like a hoot, huh?

Then it's back across the pond heading west to the US, where I'll jump into another series of meetings. As our project's construction effort is really accelerating, this promises to be a very long year, filled with lots of flights, jet lag, late-night hotel-room poker... and sporadic bug posts. Ugh.

All-in for now...

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