Saturday, February 15, 2014

Full Tilt Remission Process & Stacking Off

Been traveling a helluva lot lately, so the posts have been few and far between. Sigh. At least I'm back in town for a couple of weeks before heading out on another monster set of trips. Double Sigh...
Well, I did it. Finally got a notification from Full Tilt re: my account. I went through the second part of the online remission application process this morning, and I *think* I'm going to get paid what's owed me. 'Bout time, if you ask me...

Played a 45-minute session today of $25NL. I could basically do no wrong... until I did. Here's the scoop: I had two tables open, and was really and truly playing perfect poker. Making great reads, solid laydowns, and getting it in over and over with the best of it. Turned the $50 I had on the tables into $145 in the 3/4-hour long session. Then I picked up two red eights in the small blind. It folds to the villain on the button, who opens for 75-cents. I have about $75 on this particular table, but villain actually has me covered, which means we're playing super deep stack poker with 300 big blind effective stacks. I figure I have the best hand a lot of the time here pre, but my two snowmen are also pretty vulnerable to lots of flops. Also, I'm going to be OOP, and wouldn't mind taking it down here and now. Ergo, I raise it up to $2.25. The big blind folds, and the button tanks for a while, then calls. The board comes out 8-T-K, with two spades. I'm loving life, as this guy could easily have a hand like KX, including KT. He could also have straight and/or flush draws going on. Therefore I make it $3 into the $4.50 pot. Villain bumps it to $7.5. Okay, wanna play that game? I'm in. I then raise to $20. and he snap shoves me all-in. Arghgh. Time to tank. I know you're not supposed to sweat the whole set-over-set thing, but that's exactly what I start doing. Could he have TT here? I work through the math in my head, and realize that calling is correct, as there's WAY more hands that I crush than the one that I don't (remember, he flatted my 3bet preflop, so I'm ruling out KK from his range). And if he has a draw that gets there, well, that's poker too. I therefore call... and of course he turns over the tens for middle set.

Oh well, that's poker, right? So I shut things down, still happy I made $25 overall for the session (due to the other table's profit, minus this complete stack-off). Set-over-set sucks, but that's poker...

...but then I get thinking. 300 big blinds deep is pretty, well, deep. I know that stacking off with TPTK and even two pair this deep is usually a mistake, but what about bottom sets? Should I have laid down my 888? I don't think so, but... well, I'm curious what any of you folks think...
Well, that's all my jet-lagged little brain can muster this afternoon. It's good to be back, but I'm tired, and worn-out, and wondering if I played the set of eights right...

...ah, but life could be worse. Full Tilt and the US Government are actually telling me I'm gonna get paid some long overdue moola. And it's not like either of those two outfits have ever screwed me over, right?

Triple sigh.

All-in for now...


  1. I wouldn't worry about set over set online. Those players could have anything and if it really is a set, well they get my money.

  2. I'm pretty sure that stacking off with a set here is fine, because the SPR is 13, just like in a single-raised pot with 100bb stacks. So, roughly speaking, if you're fine stacking off with 88 on KT8tt in a single-raised pot, then you should be fine stacking off here. There are some quirks here since the preflop action made both your ranges a bit narrower than ranges in single-raised pots and because the flop is kind of heavy, but I believe this doesn't change the picture much: he should be raising the flop with KT considering the SPR, and you should be shoving. wp.