Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bankroll Builder - Update

I've been on an emergency business trip the last three days, so my daily schedule has been a bit screwed up. Fortunately, e-pal has been very accommodating with our coaching/playing sessions taking place at weird/late/super-early hours in the bankroll builder exercise.

We've been starting to add in some $25 Zone tables into the mix, as the effective rake is lower (as a percentage) and the villains at those stakes only marginally better. We're buying in short at these bigger tables (due to bankroll management considerations (yes, I know, this is a VERY aggressive BRM exercise)) and playing a very patient, SPR-based approach, with a focus on a) preflop hand selection (especially gap concept related); b) position (which of course ties into (a)); c) aggression (i.e., if we're not willing to raise with it, we shouldn't be playing it); and d) post-flop board texture reading and judicious c-betting.

One of the biggest/most-common leaks we've been seeing is many villains' tendencies to cold-calling with trap and weak hands too much. And if they do, they also often play an obvious fit-or-fold postflop style. Both of these are pretty easy to exploit if/when you recognize the tendencies.

In any case, here's the graph I was sent last night by e-pal:

All-in for now...

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