Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Long time, no post. :-(

Sorry for the lack of updates and posts on the blog lately. Life is a tad crazy right now. In fact, I'm jotting this down while I have ten minutes before heading off to yet another airport. Three more days and I'll be home. Hallelujah!


Have played only a little poker here and there this past week. Some $2NL zone poker, some stud hi/lo, and a little PLO. Made a few bucks, but nothing to write home about.


The training app that Le Monsieur and I are working on continues to move forward. I'm actually quite pleased with the direction it's taking, even if we're still somewhat in the formative stages and tweaking/adjusting the direction we're going. So far, we've managed to crank out a rough draft of a lesson every week, and the goal is to keep doing so until we have a complete course put together. Based on his recent questions and knowledge, I believe Le Monsieur is going to be a game crusher by the time we're done. The effort has also served to make me think more deeply about poker in general. For instance, we Skyped today, and the topic was on why we bet-- which seems like a simple thing to address, right? Value or bluff.... but, it's not always quite so black and white. When you have the likes of AA UTG or 72o on the button and you raise preflop, you're clearly betting for value and as a bluff, respectively. But what about KTo in the cut-off? Do you want a caller or not?  Good question, and it's one we're working on in the course of putting the uh, course together.


Signed up for Zach Elwood poker tells webinar tomorrow night. I'll be coming off a 2-day stretch with little sleep (i.e., redeye flight), so we'll see how engaged and alert I am. Still, I pretty excited about this, as I have Elwood's first book, and it's pretty good. Am looking forward to hearing what he says in person. It's a 3-hour seminar, and I'll report back afterward. Stay tuned.

--- Non Poker Content Follows ---

My Apple fanatic boss has convinced me to try using an iPad at work. I borrowed a small mini version yesterday from a co-worker, and am slowing coming to grips with the thing. I think I'll like it and fine it useful, but it's too soon to tell. Anyone out there have experience and/or apps for the iPad they want to share? Drop me a line if you do.

All-in for now...


  1. I also read and enjoyed Elwood's book. Interested in hearing how the webinar is.

  2. It was a 3 hour webinar, but I "watched" only about 40 minutes before giving up. It looked like good, solid material, but he used videos to demonstrate, and there was real problems with the streaming. He'd say things like, "look at how the player glances up and then bets" and the video was so jerky and skipping frames that half the time you'd miss what he was trying to point out. The good news is he recognized this was in issue, and he quickly refunded my money the next day.