Tuesday, November 11, 2014

WSOP update.... wow.

[Spoiler Alert]

I managed to stay up only until about 10:30pm last night. I figured they'd go another couple of hours and that would be it. Imagine my surprise when I got up at 4:30am-- and they were still going at it. Hard. Wow. Don't know what is more impressive: Mark Newhouse making back-to-back final tables, or Mark Newhouse somehow managing to bust in ninth place in consecutive years for zero additional money. And unlike last year, this time he started third in chips. Wow. Also I am really impressed with the level of play this year. Spot on reads, raw naked aggression, big laydowns, 4bets, 5bets, 6bets, yada-wow-yada-wow. And my original guy (Stephensen) that I picked Sunday is still in it (albeit in third, but still reasonably deep at 46-bigs). Mini-wow for my prognostication. And finally, perhaps the most impressive of all players was/is Jacobson. The Swede has played phenomenally, and while I'd like Stephensen to go all the way, I'm picking Jacobson out of the final three to take it all down. Wowee, what a fun night/morning. Can't wait for tonight's action.
All-in for now...


  1. I stayed up until 5:30 eastern time. It was amazing poker for the most part. Ditto on can't wait until tonight.

    As an aside, it was fun to see on TV (last few weeks) guys whom I played with/against. They showed the guy who knocked me out and also Eddie Sabat with whom I played all of Day 3 (and I won a huge pot off of him, woot).

  2. And I know you, Dave. So by the Kevin Bacon six-degrees-of-separation thing, I'm nearly famous!

    Seriously, that's pretty cool to see people you've played live with again on TV.