Sunday, March 29, 2015

Time Flies

Been crazy busy with work, travel, and about a dozen non-poker project lately, so the posts here have be, ahem, sporadic at best. The next two months are going to be similarly crammed with non-poker time sinks, but I'm going to endeavor to at least post some poker olio on a more regular basis, starting today...

  • Read a neat post by Memphis Mojo today that helped re-inspire the posting. Check it out
  • Will almost certainly miss the WSOP again this year due to work commitments. Will be in Europe and/or Hawaii for most of May and June. I hate business travel and how it basically results in me putting my life on hold..
  • Le Monsieur and I are continuing to make slow but steady progress on the training app. In fact, we've got only a few lessons left in our first level-1 training set to produce, which means we'll next be looking for help coding up the app itself. We're also going to be asking for some feedback from poker enthusiasts, which means I'll be posting here on this blog for volunteers. More details will be forthcoming, but if you're at all interested drop me a line.
  • I'm only playing about 1-2 times a week, max, and then only 30 minutes or so per session. Very little NLHE; my focus has been on PLO, which has turned from a break-even proposition to a consistently (though moderately) profitable gig. Whilst NLHE has really gotten tougher over the past few years (due to Black Friday, etc.) the low-stakes PLO games are chock-full of, well, really bad players. There's some gold in them thar PLO hills, kids.
  • Lost a quads over quads hand the other day. Seriously.
  • I've canceled my subscription to Bart Hanson's podcast. The reason has nothing to do with his technical content, which remains REALLY good, imho. The reason instead is due to the fact that I rarely if ever have time to listen to him, and I've got about five months of back logged podcasts of his to listen to. Sigh.
  • Am doing a few coaching sessions with newbie students here and there, but my travel schedule is putting a crimp on that aspect of my game, too; it's hard to commit to a student when my week-to-week travel schedule is so fluid. For instance, I just got back from Hawaii, and am leaving for Colorado early this week. The following week will find me in Illinois, then back to Colorado. Did I mention I hate biz travel?

All-in for now...


  1. Sorry you'll be missing the WSOP. Life gets in the way sometimes.

    I might give Bart a try - thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Hanson's stuff looks to be geared for ca$h games. I'm focusing more on tournaments where I seem to do better, so may not subscribe. Still, I see he has free stuff, so why not do that?

  3. Yeah, Bart H. is primarily a cash guy, but he does talk tourney stuff off-and-on, and come WSOP time, he'll mostly focus on that aspect of poker. I've learned a ton listening to him, and definitely recommend anything you can listen to by him.

  4. Happy to help review the app material. Cheers.

  5. Thanks, Rob. I will add you to the list!

  6. Rob, send me your email contact info. My email is Thanks!