Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We Need a Little Help!

Le Monsieur and I are making good progress with the training material. In fact, we're closing in on completing the last few of the so-called "level-1" lessons, and now we're exploring how best to implement this powerful thing we've created. And part of that implementation is the selection of a product/domain name...

...which brings us to you, dear trusted reader. We're soliciting ideas and feedback on potential names for this beast. We not only want your input, we need it. So, with that in mind:

The quick background/story on what we've been creating is this: a series of sequential, step-by-step lessons geared toward a new player who already understand the basic mechanics of playing a poker hand, including hand rankings, etc. The lessons will take him from raw beginner to a solid winning low-stakes player. It's based around the mastery of Level-1 thinking, and focuses on the core concepts and skills needed to beat micro-to-low stakes NLHE. These of course include the fundamentals of understanding basic villain types and tendencies, knowing simple poker math/odds/outs/probabilities, using position, exercising solid preflop hand selection (with recommended starting hand charts), knowing how to steal and defend your blinds, sizing bets, simplified post-flop continuation betting, and so on.

Each lesson has multiple parts, but you can think of it as being in two primary sections: a) the lesson itself, which explains and teaches the idea; and 2) a set of quiz questions the student has to take (and pass!) before moving on to the next lesson in the series. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, and the student is required to demonstrate understanding of the previous material before moving to the next lesson in the progression. By the time he/she is finished with the L1 lessons, they should have enough knowledge to readily beat a $.10/$.25 online game or a live $1/2 game at their local casino.

After we complete the L1 lessons, the next step for us is to, well, step up a level and create similar L2 training material, introducing and teaching the whole process of REDi to the L1 graduates, etc.

So what do you think? And, just as importantly, what are your suggestions for domain and product names? Feedback, comments, and ideas are absolutely welcome.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas!

All-in for now...


  1. I've given this some thought, but can't come up with anything.

  2. Not a problem, Dave. We've got about 40+ suggestions that have come in.
    An interesting side note to all of this. I watched a training course video on creating online content the other day. The instructor said a few times that the actual names of your course doesn't have to be perfect. Instead it should be a) descriptive of what the course offers; b) include the name of the major thing you're delivering; and c) have a dot-com extensions, not org, biz, or net. Otherwise, he said, just pick a name and move on. Interesting...