Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Game At 10,000ft

Played in a fun, informal little home-game tournament last night with some coworkers and some of their family members here on the mountain. Mister Multi was even there. It was a $10 buy-in NL SnG, with unlimited rebuys. The blinds increased at a crazy rate (doubling every lap of the table), which turned the game into a bit a crapshoot toward the end. Otherwise it was a fun tourney, with good company and conversation. I managed to take second place for a whopping $27 without rebuying, but that really wasn't the point....
In other poker news... well, there isn't a lot to report. I played for about an hour late the previous night on Carbon and did fairly well, adding over fifty bucks to my tiny $100 bankroll. I may need make another cashout this week to keep the 'roll down at a level where I won't care (too much) when (not if) the DoJ shuts Merge down.
My OCD is kicking in yet again, and I'm tweaking my thinking on Edge. You're probably wondering why the hell I just plain can't let this go. Well, that's a good question. To recap once again, the bottom line is that Poker Profit can be defined as:

Profit = Edge x Volume.

From this simple—but absolute—equation, it’s clear that the key to making more money at poker is to increase your volume and/or increase your edge. Volume is easy; it’s simply more hands played per hour or week or year. Edge is tougher to define, and it's really the key (in my humble opinion) to unlocking (unlucking?) the secret to crushing the game of poker.
And finally, I thought having $1500 tied up on Full Tilt was bad.... until I read this poor guy's story. This would truly suck: Staying Positive
All-in for now....

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