Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poker Quiz Question #32

Q#32: In a full-ring cash game, A-T offsuit is typically a losing hand from early position for most professional players.
  1. True
  2. False


A#32: When I first read this problem statement, I wondered if it were a trick question. In other words, if I go by the strict interpretation of the question, which essentially is asking if most professional poker players lose money with ATo in EP, I would have to say that the answer is: No, they don't. This is because AT offsuit in EP is a fairly weak hand and generally should be folded. Most professional players know this, so they would not be losing any money with it because they would be almost always be mucking it without second thought. Therefore the answer to the question should be False.

Ah, but if I don't consider this to be a trick question, and instead interpret the problem as meaning "if someone--even a professional--plays ATo in EP in a full-ring cash game, would they make or lose money in the long run with it?" The answer to this is that they would in fact lose money with the hand. This equates to True in the quiz.

So, which is it? Dunno, really. The question is poorly worded and ambiguous. For the sake of completeness, however, I'm going to go with the former strict interpretation here and assume that the question is asking whether a pro generally loses money with ATo in EP. The answer to this is: No, they don't because they muck the hand. Therefore my answer to the question as stated is False.

Answer: False

All-in for now...


  1. I think that's right, if you're playing with aggressive players it's profitable. So if I could retake it and not risk scoring lower, I would keep every answer except 34 and 24 FYI.

  2. Question #32 appears to have been updated to read:

    "Choosing to play A-T offsuit from early position at a full, nine handed table is usually an unprofitable decision, even for most professional players."