Monday, January 30, 2012

Typing In Numbers

Do you want a simple tip to take your game up a notch?


Looking for something easy to do that will make a marked difference in your play? Want to make more money?

You bet!

Good. Here's Bug's poker tip of the day: Type in your bet sizes.


I said, take the time to manually type in your bets.


It's simple, really. Next time you play online, and want to make a bet or a raise, don't use the the little bet sizing slider bar. Don't use the predetermined bet size buttons that the poker client software provides down in the corner of your screen. Instead, type in the actual amount that you want to bet, and then hit Enter.

Uh, why?

Because taking the time to physically type in your bet size forces you to actively think about your bet. You have to enter the number by hand, which means you have to select a number, which in turn means you have to actually think about why you're betting in this specific situation so that you can pick the correct bet size.

Uh, okay...

Listen up: if you can't think of an ideal bet size, it probably means you can't really figure out why you're betting in the first place. This in turn means you probably shouldn't be betting. You should be folding. And more folding is generally something all of us should be doing more of. Folding means you're tightening up. It means you're picking your battles more selectively. And this in turn means that when you are betting, it's for an actual, real, you-defined purpose. And you will therefore know what size bet best accomplishes that purpose.


Manually picking your bet sizes means you're actively thinking about the hand, not playing on autopilot. You're playing poker, not a video game with little predefined console buttons doing your betting for you. And this is the first step to winning at poker. It's called Thinking.

Got it! Thanks.

No problem. Now get back to your game and start typing.

All-in for now...

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