Thursday, June 14, 2012

Poker Night

I played in my monthly live tourney last night. Mr. Multi, Flyboy, and SolarTed showed up to do battle with me against a total field of 34 players. Buy-in was increased from the usual $25 to $35, which might have had something to do with the slightly reduced field (normal attendance is 45). Dunno.

In any case, the four of us amigos had a $5 last-longer bet, and I ended up taking home the $20 pool, as one-by-one the others fell by the wayside. Bwa-ha-ha!  Even better, I managed to squeak into the money, busting in 5th place for $84. After tipping the dealer, subtracting my buy-in, and taking out $8.40 to pay Mr. Mulit (we usually take 10% of each other in MTTs), I made $45 for the evening. Obviously, not a lot, but it still felt like a million dollars for a change; I've been busting out in ignominious fashion a lot recently in this tourney, so it felt great to finally go deep...

...which felt even better considering I was card dead most of the night. Worse, I started out deep in the hole on hand number three of the evening, having raised PF with AQs, got a caller, and then had the nut flush draw, an open-ended straight draw, and over cards on the flop. I two-barreled, but then finally shut it down on the river when I bricked out. Lost over a third of stack on that one hand alone, and spent the rest of the evening nursing a short stack up through the levels. The last-longer bet with the crew actually helped my mental game a lot, as there were a few points along the way when I decided to forgo shoving with suboptimal hands, despite my M being in the toilet, as I simply wanted to outlast the others.

Late in the evening, the tourney did have one, ahem, interesting dust-up once the final table was formed. One of the better players sat down on one side of the table, but then the organizer told him to move to another seat on the opposite side. This player had a huge stack, and he moved part of it to his new seat as he walked around the table. The dealer then reached over and helped slide the remainder of his chips to his new seat, but in doing so, she got them mixed into the stack of another player (an older, grouchy guy). Big confusion over who's chips were who's ensued, and the two players escalated it into a name-calling match ("you're a prick!" "I'm not the prick, you're the fucking prick!" etcetera). Long story short, these two players nearly ended up stepping outside to settle the issue, but the event organizer called an unscheduled break on the table and cooler heads prevailed.

Oh well. All-in-all an enjoyable night. It's good fun to get out and have dinner with some of the crew, play some cards, and enjoy an evening away from all of life's normal crap....

....oh, and take down both prize pool money and last-longer dough.... bwa-ha-ha!

...oh, and another cool thing happened, too. On the drive home I saw a massive meteorite fall to the ground a few miles ahead of my car out in the desert. The thing was quite big and very bright, and at first I actually thought it was an airplane going down. Awesome sight to behold. Here's a photo from the web I found that looks very close to what I witnessed in terms of size and brightness. Cool stuff:

All-in for now...

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