Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bug's Poker Tip #12

Can't spot the sucker? It's you.

Poker is a skill game. It's also about making money. Combined, these two facts should scream at you to walk away from tough tables. Go search out better opportunities. To illustrate why, let's think about another skill game: golf. Image that you're a pretty decent amateur duffer with a single digit handicap number. You've paid your green fee and you're waiting at the clubhouse for some other walk-ins to join you for a round. Two other players eventually show up and join your group. One of these players is a guy you recognize from the last club event, which he won handily, shooting well under par and taking home the trophy. The other player is also someone you've seen play before, and he's significantly worse than you, with a double-digit handicap. Both players ask if you'd like to wager on the straight-up outcome of the upcoming 18 holes. You've only got enough cash in your wallet to take on one of these bets. Think you should take the wager with the first guy or the second? D'uh, right? If it's this obvious what to do in a skill game like golf, why is it so damn hard for you to make the same "d'uh" choice in a skill game of poker? Take a little time and table select the next time you want to play poker for money.

All-in for now...

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