Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Virtual Villains

I've been fiddling around lately with the DD Poker software I blogged about back in March (here).  One of the cool things this package allows you to do is play big MTT simulations against large fields of strong opponents. The software is actually pretty sophisticated, with reasonably strong AI (artificial intelligence) built into the opponents. They check-raise, bluff, limp-reraise, float, and otherwise implement all manner of different and challenging strategies. They even make big lay downs, get bored, and actually go on tilt. Seriously. Some opponents are weak-tight, some TAgs, others loose aggressive, and yet others seem to vary their tactics continually as a function of blind level and stack sizes. In other words, it's a challenge to play well against these virtual villains.

To make a long story short, I've been playing a number of tourneys via DD while stuck on airplanes and airports lately, and frankly I'm impressed. No, these are not real players. And no, it's certainly not equivalent to playing in a live (or online) event against real humans. But it's not bad, either. Seriously. Give it a try; it's free.

There's a lot to be learned playing against the computer, and while I definitely need a helluva lot more real seat time, this isn't a bad way to help stay sharp and get in massive amounts of hands in different tournament situations when I can't play the real McCoy.

I've played probably thirty or forty big field events over the past 4 weeks, usually busting out sometime during "day 2" of the virtual event. Yesterday, however, I finally went deep in one of DD's WSOP main event simulations. Very deep. How deep, you ask? Answer:

Off and on, this particular event took somewhere around 20 hours to complete. Fun, addicting, time-consuming poker... gotta love it. Even if it is just a simulation, and the villain's are virtual.

All-in for now...

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