Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wednesday Night Poker

Played in my monthly live $35 tourney last night. We had 25 runners in the starting field. As usual, there was a good mix of bad and good player; probably 1/3 had no clue (open limping, weird bet sizes, playing L1 poker), 1/3 were solid ABC players, and 1/3 were serious amateurs. I took fourth place for $120, plus won a $5 last-long bet that I had with a few of the other players, which added $20 to my score. I played relatively well, making good reads, making good laydowns, betting proper sizes, etc. I really paid attention to stack sizes, pot size, SPR, etc. and made a lot of decisions based solely on the math. Toward the end, I won a couple of races, but in both cases I was the one who shoved, not called, so I felt good about that too. 

The structure of the tourney allows for some poker play (PF=3.8), but  at the end the blinds start doubling every fifteen minutes, so you end up short-stacked really quickly and have to pick a spot and get lucky. With that in mind, I actually felt good about my bust-out hand, in which I got coolered when it folded to me and I open shoved with QTs from the small blind with a 6BB stack and got snap called by the big blind, who had AK. 

Saw lots of mistakes by other players, including a wince-inducing call when a player got married to Aces on a QJT87 two-tone board, and another where a player called a shove with a set of nines on a 9-T-J-Q-K board in a multiway pot. Also saw plenty of bad beats and coolers, which is to be expected in a fast MTT like this one.

As usual, it was a fun tourney. Not super tough competition, but it's a good night out with the crew.

All-in for now...

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