Sunday, January 13, 2013

WSOP-2013: Week #20

It’s Sunday, so time for a recap of this week's prep/progress toward WSOP-2013:
  • Preparation:
    • Pregame. Same story as last week: didn't really add anything in terms of new material or info, but did follow preflight checklists prior to playing, which helps a lot.
    • Postgame. Was a busier than normal this week, so I didn't find time to do any proper post-mortems.
    • Off-Table.
      • Hand-of-the-Day. Went 4 for 7 with the majority vote this week.
      • Blog Entries. Three blog entries this week, including a bug tip on blind defense, and a high-level look at "playing with heart".
      • Books. Read the chapter on "Player Types" in Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em by Miller, et al. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this is turning out to be a very good intermediate-level hold'em book.
      • Videos. Downloaded a slew of videos from Tournament Poker Edge, and then watched:
        • Theory: Expected Value. Good stuff. The main takeaway for me was a reminder of just how powerful/important fold equity is. The math verifies what common sense tells us: it's far better to be the one firing the gun than dodging the bullet.
        • Brokos' Hand Reading #2. Watching Brokos' videos is like mining for gold in Alaska. It's painful and difficult, but if suffer through it and put in the work there's a lot of valuable nuggets to be found. Bad news is he drones on and on, coughs into the mike, etc. Good news takeaway from this vid was how to use line categorizations in real-time at the tables. He's put out two more vids in this series, and it will probably be worth it (sigh) to suffer through them.
        • HM2 How-To video. Started watching the first of seven vids on how to setup and use HM2 specifically for MTT play. I'm only twenty minutes into the first one, but already picked up a couple of oh-that's-how-you-do-that pieces of information.
      • Podcasts. Listened to Hansen's latest, plus part of a Thinking Poker 'cast.
      • Health. Meh. My diet was awful this week, but I exercised fairly consistently.
  • Technique:
    • Preflop. Nothing to add.
    • REDi. Downloaded and played around a bit with an EV calculator from TPE.
  • Emotional Control:
    • Tilt Control. No tilt issues.
    • BRM. Played a little too high ($400NL a few times) for my bankroll in cash, but overall did well otherwise in the $50NL and $100NL games. The one online MTT I played is well within my bankroll guidelines.
    • Discipline. First half of week I played kind of unfocused and distracted... and my results clearly show this. Turned the ship around mid-week and got the curve heading back up.
$ Results:
  • Tournaments (Online). Played only one online tourney, which was a $20 buy-in 80-man event. Was playing solidly and probably on my way to the final table when a family issue arose and I got completely distracted. Busted in 20th place mostly by having to sit out. Grrr.
  • Tournaments (Live). Played in my monthly local live $35 event Wednesday night. Took fourth place money for $120, plus won the $5 last-longer bet with the crew for a $20 score. Net gain after tipping dealers, subtracting buy-in, and paying Mr. Multi his 10% action of me was $70 added to the 'roll.
  • Cash Games. As mentioned above in the EmotionalControl/Discipline bullet, it took a few days to get my game on track. Net gain was just $72.

Summary: In general this was a reasonable week, but nothing to write home about. Added a total of $120 to my bankroll, which isn't bad. I'm watching more videos and playing slightly less, which probably is a good thing overall. Need to focus better 100% of the time, and it would be good for me to do more hand analyses, but overall I can't complain with forward progress.

All-in for now...

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