Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stinkin' Lumps of Coal, Take 2

They've done it again.

The poker site formerly known as Carbon has screwed its players twice in as many weeks.

First it was the sudden removal of the rake back program that I wrote about here.  Now I just found out they zeroed out my VIP points without any warning. Up until now, the points you've earned playing poker on Carbon Poker were able to be cashed out and/or traded for merchandise. I've been cashing in my points now and then, but it's been a while since I have used them, and I had built up roughly 12,000 points. My plan was to use them to buy into a series of tournaments leading up to the WSOP...

...but as of yesterday, I now have zero of my hard-earned points.

Yes, they've robbed me of every single one of my points.

What the f*ck kind of customer relations/service is this?

I STRONGLY recommend to anyone reading this blog to not deposit a dime into Carbon/Coal. Unless and until they actually start treating their paying customers as, well, paying customers, and not as marks to be fleeced, I suggest you go elsewhere.

What a crappy way to treat those that butter your bread. Shame on you Carbon Poker.

{EDIT: I sent a complaint email to Coal/Carbon asking for an explanation where my player points went. Here's in part what they wrote back: "We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We sent an email on January 28th, advising our customers to use the VIP points in their account before the rakeback plan got removed on February 1st. Unfortunately the VIP points you earned with the rakeback plan were not transferable. The rakeback removal was a decision taken by the management team on Merge Network and their decision is final. Thank you for your understanding. "  First, I never received such an email from them; they just took the points away unannounced. Second, even if I had received the email, they only gave us 3 days to cash out. I was on a biz trip all week, and wouldn't have had time to use them. What a load of crap. I responded to their email, btw, and told them I was going telling the world on my well-read poker blog about what a lousy company carbon is, and to recommend other players avoid their site. I'm sure they'll confiscate my player balance, or something like that, but screw 'em. I don't care at this point.}

All-in for now...


  1. I had an even worse experience at Cake Poker (now Juicy Stakes). I did a withdrawal of $400 and the check they sent me bounced! I complained and all they did was put my money back in my account. Unreal.

  2. We U.S. players are basically between a rock and a hard place with the remaining online sites. I constant read about great cash games and huge, soft tourneys on 'Stars and Party Poker, but we're left outside with our noses pressed against the window pane, looking in. How can the greatest nation in the world be this short-sighted and "non-free"? Arghghg.

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