Sunday, March 10, 2013

WSOP-2013: Week #28

It's Sunday, so time for a recap of this past week's progress for the 2013 WSOP:

Executive Summary: Another slow week on the WSOP prep front. Part of this was work commitments, but frankly another part was just lethargy/apathy on my part. I played a little poker this week, but actually am in a bit of a lull enthusiasm-wise when it come to studying for the WSOP. In fact, my playing desire is in a bit of a downturn, too.
  • Strategy Books Read:
    • Poked around with Snyders PTF2 book a bit, and read a couple of hands in the Winning Poker Tournament V1 book, but that was about it.
  • Videos Watched:
    • Didn't watch a single video this week.
  • Fitness:
    • Diet: Meh. Did OK on this front, but I also sinned a few times. Giving myself a B- grade.
    • Exercise: Meh, too. Walked a couple of times, did some body weight exercises, and.. well, that was about it. Call it a C-.
  • Tournament/SnG Results:
    • Online: Played a 9-handed $11 STSnG, but busted in third place due to a cooler (set over set).
    • Live: Played in a monthly live tournament and had the dubious distinction of being the first player eliminated (out of 21 runners). I think I played OK, but busted mostly due to a bad case of "second best" hands dealt to me. E.g., top two pair on a board that straightened and flushed by the river. My AJs against AQo in a blind-vs.-blind battle with an Ace on the flop. Etcetera. Whatyougonnado?
  • Other: Like I said, I've been a bit apathetic this week. This is fine, as I don't want to force the issue... but time is a-tickin' as they say, so I need to find that spark again and get busy. I'm 99% certain I'll enter the $1K Seniors event the weekend of 14 June. Now I need to figure out hotel reservations, travel, etc.
All-in for now...

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