Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pulling the Trigger

Well, I did it: pulled the trigger and made my airline and hotel reservations for Las Vegas in mid-June, plus I pre-registered for the $1K Seniors NLHE event. I still need to send my buy-in cashiers check into the WSOP, but I'll wait a bit before doing that. Now I just have to get serious about prepping for the event. Unfortunately, I'm heading off to Europe for the next two weeks, so it's going to be another tough stretch to make any headway on a) live practie; and b) diet/exercise. Guess I'll learn how serious I really am about this mid-life crisis...

In other news, I bubbled the final table of my monthly live MTT last night. Flyboy and Mr. Multi both final tabled, and MM took fourth place money. I'm happy with my play overall, including a relatively big preflop lay-down of JJ midway through the event. Long story, but I felt I was reading most of the villains at my table really well, and in this particular hand I was up against two players that I both read very strong. I raise folded PF, pleasantly (un)surprised when one guy turned over QQ and the other AKs. My fishhooks would have been an 18% dog in the hand.

All-in for now...

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