Monday, July 15, 2013

And then there were 27...

They're down to three tables in the ME in Vegas. The last woman in the field, Jackie Glazier, went out in 31st place, which was a big disappointment... but not really unexpected; she was up and down all day yesterday, and just the basic odds of one specific person making it to the November Nine with a less-than average chip stack are mighty long. Well, here's to Y-chromosomes in next year's event*.

My two remaining favorites (Carlos and Yevgeniy, see here) are still in it, with stacks of T10.8M and T5.3M, respectively. Carlos in particular looks super strong, and I'm now picking him to win the whole shootin' match.

Other notable "names" in the top 27 are JC Tran (sitting at 4th place with just under T12M), Steve Gee (last year's November Ninth amateur, now in 23rd at T3.2M), and David Benefield (in dead last 27th place with T1.8M).

Today's the day they get down to the final nine. It sucks that my workplace blocks all web sites with the word "poker" in them, but where there's a will there's a way (read: data plan on cell phone). Stay tuned for the biggest bubble of them all...

All-in for now...

*A reader asked me why I care so much about whether a female makes the final table or not. The answer is simple: A woman winning would be a HUGE boost to the game. She'd be on every news and interview show on TV, which would have the effect of bringing more attention to our game, which in turn would help propel us toward federal legalization. Said short: a woman winning the ME would be a great thing for the rest of us that want to play legally online. Oh, and plus it would just be damn cool to see a woman take down the $8M and the bracelet. 'Nuff said.

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