Sunday, November 10, 2013

Position = Information

Question: Why is position so important? 

Answer #1: Information.

The later we are to act in a hand, the more information we have about what our opponents at the table are going to do. Said simply, if they have to act first, they have to give away information about both their hand strength and their line intentions before we do. Getting to act last means we can decide what to do with our hand based on information about their hand and line.

Here's a really simple but important example of this concept in action. We are dealt a pair of sevens UTG in a full-ring game. Sevens look strong, but with eight people yet to act, we're entering the pot basically blind. Now, I'm not saying we should or shouldn't open the sevens here (it depends on a lot of other factors), but we're putting money into the pot without knowing where anyone else is in the hand yet. In this particular case, we end up shoveling in more dough than we should when we call the first re-raise... and then we still don't even get to see a flop.

Having to act first in poker sucks, mainly because we're playing without any strong indication of where we're at in the hand. Information is King at the poker table, but being OOP is akin to playing the Jester in the King's court.

All-in for now...

And if you can't see the video due to mobile device compatibility issues:

Hand Information
Blind: $1/ $2
Hand History converter courtesy of

Table Information
Seat1:   seat 1   ($200)Small Blind
Seat2:   seat 2   ($200)Big Blind
Seat3:   hero   ($200)
Seat4:   seat 4   ($200)
Seat5:   seat 5   ($200)
Seat6:   villain #1   ($200)
Seat7:   seat 7   ($200)
Seat8:   seat 8   ($200)
Seat9:   villain #2   ($200)Dealer
Dealt to hero

Preflop (Pot:3)
hero   RAISE    $6
seat 4   FOLD    
seat 5   FOLD    
villain #1   CALL    
seat 7   FOLD    
seat 8   FOLD    
villain #2   RAISE    $24
seat 1   FOLD    
seat 2   FOLD    
hero   CALL    
villain #1   RAISE    $34
villain #2   ALL-IN    $176
hero   FOLD    
villain #1   CALL    

Flop   (Pot: $307)

Turn   (Pot: $307)

River   (Pot: $307)


villain #1  SHOWS
villain #2  SHOWS
villain #2  wins the pot: $307

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