Monday, November 11, 2013

Position = Information, Part 2

Here's basically the same hand that I showed in the previous post (here), except now we have the pair of sevens in late position, and we get to see what six of the other eight players think of their hands prior to us acting preflop:

We're not getting correct implied odds to call for set-mining when the action gets to us. Also, if we did decide to call, there is no guarantee that the UTG Villain #1 would not re-open the raising, which would cost us even more. Position gives us the information we need to make a good, safe, zero-cost fold in the hand.

No, this is not a super sexy hand example... but it's a super important concept to understand. Imagine which hands you would call here on the button given the upstream action? KJ? Nope. KQ? Nope. JJ? No, not unless we're willing to get it in if/when Villain #1 4bets. How about QQ? Tougher one, but probably a call/fold line is appropriate if the villain's are ABC. Suited connectors? No way....

...and so on....

Position gives us power to make solid decisions, and sometimes those decisions are just "Run away, run away!"  Remember, folding is exactly zero EV, and there ain't nothing wrong with that. Zero is almost always a better number than a negative one in poker...

All-in for now...

And here's the hand history for those that can't see the video on their mobile device:
Hand Information
Game: Cash
Blind: $1/ $2
Hand History converter courtesy of

Table Information
Seat1:   seat 1   ($200)Small Blind
Seat2:   seat 2   ($200)Big Blind
Seat3:   villain #1   ($200)
Seat4:   seat 4   ($200)
Seat5:   seat 5   ($200)
Seat6:   seat 6   ($200)
Seat7:   seat 7   ($200)
Seat8:   seat 8   ($200)
Seat9:   seat 9   ($200)Dealer
Dealt to seat 9

Preflop (Pot:3)
villain #1   RAISE    $6
seat 4   FOLD    
seat 5   FOLD    
seat 6   RAISE    $34
seat 7   FOLD    
seat 8   FOLD    
seat 9   FOLD    
seat 1   FOLD    
seat 2   FOLD    
villain #1   ALL-IN    $194
seat 6   CALL    

Flop   (Pot: $271)

Turn   (Pot: $271)

River   (Pot: $271)


villain #1  SHOWS
seat 6  SHOWS
villain #1  wins the pot: $271


  1. Hiya,
    I get plugin not supported.on.the hand on my android phone. Would you consider putting a hand history as well as the replayer? Obviously calling is wrong, but did you consider raising first?

  2. I put the hand history at the bottom of the post. If you get a chance, let me know if that's visible or not.

    1. Thanks. That works well, and the comment about raising was not really appropriate except in the sense of asking in order raise? Fold? Call? Unfortunately the other issue is the reading on the commute issue. I hit the underground part of my daily commute just as I got to this article, so the images did not load. There are hand history formatters that just use card names as text, and are pretty good.